WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A group of Lycoming County Elementary students are headed to a nationwide competition using creativity and team building to bring interactive stories to life.

After winning regionals and placing first in the state, six Williamsport students are headed to the Odessy of the Mind World Finals.

“I was excited,” said Haddie Harpster.

Odessy of the Mind or O-M is a program that uses creativity, writing, and acting for kids to problem solve while performing in skits.

“One group works on part of the backdrop, one group works on like, the costumes and then one group works on the other part of the backdrop,” said Alexander Frank, 4th grade.

“You make props and then you have to come up with your own script,” explained Haddie Harpster.

For the finals, they’re working on a circus-themed skit. During the performance, they’re given spontaneous topics that the team must figure out.

There’s a long-term problem and you go on stage and act but the only thing is like parents, there’s no outside assistance allowed,” explained Addyson Harrison, 3rd grade.

This is the team’s first year in O-M and they can’t wait to head to Iowa for the World Competition.

“I’m very nervous to do it and it’s also very exciting and I just hope we do well on it,” said Quinn Hamilton, 2nd grade.

They’ve also formed some new friendships along the way.

You don’t know them and then you’re just like oh this is weird. Then once you start to know them then you’re like this is good I like these people,” said McKay Campbell, 4th grade.

This program helps kids develop life skills while working toward a common goal.

It helps with like teamwork and problem solving and stuff and it’s really fun and I think people should do it,” said Nate McClelland, 5th grade,

The group will compete from Wednesday, May 25 to Saturday, May 28 at Iowa State University. Eyewitness News wishes them the best of luck in the finals.