WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — It’s been 2 years since the 2020 election, and a group of Lycoming County residents has been pushing for a recount.

A recent vote from the County’s Commissioner will have the Board of Elections doing just that.

It was a 2-to-1 vote in favor of the recount. Thousands of residents signed a petition to have the results re-examined and all counted by hand.

For months, several residents canvassed Lycoming County and say they found some inconsistencies in the voting records from the 2020 election.

They presented their findings to the county’s commissioners in June.

The group gathered 5,000 signatures on a petition. During Tuesday’s Board of Elections meeting, the commissioners voted for a recount.

“We have to show that the results are accurate and once we go back and recount them manually, we’ll show that the results were accurate,” stated Scott Metzger, Lycoming County commissioner.

2% of the votes will be recounted by hand. This will be for the presidential and one of the state’s offices, which hasn’t been decided yet.

Commissioner Tony Mussare, who voted in favor of the recount, trusts the county’s voting system but says it’s important to take these concerns seriously.

“I believe that when you have that many constituents concerned, that it is our job, it’s our obligation to clarify or verify the outcome of that election,” explained Mussare.

Commissioner Richard Mirabito voted against this decision, saying this could open the door for others to request recounts and it will require the board of elections to use more resources for the process.

“I think our time would be better spent trying to understand are they are, where they’re clearly in the majority, that they still feel powerless. Because I think that’s what this is a reflection of. It’s a reflection of many people, whose candidate got 60% of the votes still do not feel like their voice is being heard,” stated Mirabito.

The board of elections is still working on its plans for the recount. The commissioners say those results will be announced no sooner than January 9, 2023.