DRUMS, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Honey Hole Winery in Drums has been creating unique flavors and drinks for five years. They recently came back from a national competition after winning their second “Best In Class” medal.

Creating an award-winning product has to start somewhere. For Honey Hole Winery, it started at Simply Homebrew next door.

“Customers would come in and make product here with us. They kept asking if they could buy it, they could buy it. We didn’t have a license to sell it at that point,” said Honey Hole Winery owner Pete Aiello.

After opening their own winery in 2017, they’ve won a National Award, twice.

“This is a collaboration mead, it’s actually in particular a pyment. Which is a mead made with grape,” Aiello said.

Mead itself is a specific type of drink made from honey, water, and yeast.

“This is our second double gold award. It scored the highest score in all categories, which was a 96,” Aiello stated.

The mead consists of ingredients from right here in Pennsylvania.

“Dan up at Spacetime is particular about finding the ingredients in Pennsylvania so we do use a lot when we can,” Aiello continued.

While the summer drought affected many farmers here, Pete is able to source his ingredients from many farmers around Pennsylvania and the country.

“The vendors I deal with didn’t seem to have too much of a problem this year. A little bit with the apples but no other problems,” Aiello added.

They aren’t going to rest on their laurels, and already have a few ideas for the next award winner.

“Somebody was saying to do something with mint, maybe a blueberry mint or a lemon mint,” said Aiello.

If you want to try the award winner, Honey Hole Winery is open Tuesday through Sunday into the holidays.