PLAINS TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The holidays are right around the corner and many people are getting a head start on picking up their groceries.

It’s just about time to track down that Christmas ham.

Despite rising prices, the owner of a local meat market is in the holiday spirit and says he’s absorbing the costs.

“Shockingly we are only like an hour in and it actually has been busy, it’s like crazy. I’ve already gotten phone calls like oh are you guys open, ’cause they are so excited,” stated Abby Lai, an employee.

Customers piled into plains meat market on Hudson Street in Plains Township Monday morning to pick up their favorites for the holidays.

“I didn’t know I was going to be the second person here,” said Linda Sabecky, from Nanticoke.

The butcher shop is not open year-round just ahead of holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. But they didn’t open in November and customers noticed.

“It makes me feel important. A part of the community, and that’s why we’re here. For the kielbasa, and the ham and the salads and our rolls,” explained owner, Damian Solovey.

Linda Sabecky says she traveled from Nanticoke to pick up six rings of fresh smoked kielbasa.

“I’ve been coming here for years since I was way little. I am originally from the Hudson Street area, and I will not eat anyone else’s kielbasa, this is it,” explained Sabecky.

While the kielbasa and sausage are expected to fly off the shelves they also have other Christmas staples like cole slaw and potato salad and of course nut rolls.

Despite inflation, Solovey tells Eyewitness News he will not budge on raising his prices.

“The cost of everything as you well know has been going up. We are able to keep our costs the same as we did for the last easter and hopefully just push on the savings to our customers this year,” stated Solovey.

Solovey is absorbing the cost. He says it’s not about the profits but rather providing a hometown staple.

“It’s not the money, it’s not the money. It’s the hometown feel, it’s the flavor of the northeast that I’m looking for here,” said Solovey.

The market is open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. through Christmas Eve.