WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A local city is making health a priority Tuesday with ‘Child Nutrition Day.’

There are more than 11,500 kids in the Wyoming Valley alone living in poverty.

“We really worry about food insecurities with young children. We focus here at Luzerne County Head Start on nutrition. We focus on children being healthy. We want to make sure our children are eating and eating a healthy diet,” explained Beth White, the Assistant Executive Director of Luzerne County Head Start.

That’s why Luzerne County Head Start is teaming up with the Wilkes-Barre Health Department and Maternal & Family Health Services for a ‘Child Nutrition Day.’

“We want to make sure families are aware of the resources available to them in the communities if they cannot get food or if they do have food insecurities,” White added.

The event is free to the public thanks to funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant. They will be giving out one voucher per family for the Wilkes-Barre Farmers Market.

“Starting at a young age, children need to be healthy and eat healthy and exercise and get outside. We think it’s important to bring resources to families in helping them make healthy choices at home and as well as in their future lives,” White continued.

The Wilkes-Barre Health Department will have their mascot, ‘Healthy Bear’, and the Wheel of Health game with prizes at the event. They will also provide nutrition education materials. Wilkes-Barre Health Department Director Henry Radulski says healthy eating in children is important for proper growth, development and to prevention various health conditions.

“Obviously healthy eating and proper nutrition is very important, especially in children for growth, development, and helping. Every day you go to school, you want to have proper nutrition so you can obtain your best when you go to school,” stated Henry Raduski, the Director of the Wilkes-Barre Health Department.

Child Nutrition Day runs Tuesday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at ‘Luzerne County Head Start.’