WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— Earth Day might be tomorrow, but students from Luzerne County started celebrating early in Nesbitt Park with an annual Earth Day event.

‘Twas the morning before Earth Day, and all through Nesbitt Park, the children were learning right there with some bark.

“It’s a perfect opportunity, right before earth day, to educate young people about the environment,” said John Maday executive director of the Riverfront Parks Committee.

Riverfront Parks Committee held their annual Earth Day event where students met with nearly 20 environmental organizations.

“The environment is sacred, the environment is delicate, and it has to be protected. and if you get to them at an early age, it could have an impact on them for the rest of their life,” said Maday.

Many held interactive demonstrations and these young scientists put their new skills to work.

“To save the environment and put recycle inside the recycling box and garbage inside garbage,” says Loveah Williams from Kingston.

Such practices by students will benefit what fills the space around us air.

Smokey the Bear would agree that keeping the air on our earth clean is very important, and just one of the many lessons that the children learned.

“We’re talking to the kids about air quality in the northeast region here and the equipment that we use to do sampling and monitoring to make sure the air is safe here and try to get the idea across to the kids that there’s a lot of things they can do,” explained Christian Ostrowski Air Quality District Supervisor PA Department of Environment.

Things like ride their bikes, pick up litter, and practice recycling.

They now understand what could happen if the earth is mistreated.

“If people don’t help the earth, chances are everything on earth is gonna become like every other planet,” added Kai Ervin from Kingston.

“If we don’t protect the earth enough, it won’t last as long as we need it to,” continued Daniel Jimenez from Larksville.

And at the end of the day, the students were ready to answer one question.

“So why do you think protecting the earth is important?’ So it’s not dirty and we can actually like swim in the rivers and stuff?,” asked Bailey Allen from Luzerne County.

“Because we can live on it and some of us can get sick if the earth is not good enough and our animals and our plants too,” answered Chase Urban from Edwardsville,

Students that attended Earth Day at Nesbitt Park brought home new memories with their friends and new knowledge on our planet.