FALLS TOWNSHIP, WYOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The end of the school year can be challenging for children and teachers but a Wyoming County animal sanctuary is lending a helping hand.

The possibilities technology brings are endless, even in a farm setting.

“Originally we thought we’d do the virtual tours for a little while until things opened up again. They were so popular and so in demand that we decided to keep the virtual learning rolling. We really have a method that we use. It’s really cinematic. We try to keep the camera as still as possible. We try to make it so they can have a true experience,” said Johnny Braz, creative director at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary.

Indraloka Animal Sanctuary is offering free 30-minute virtual field trips for kids around the world. The idea is to give everyone the opportunity to see precious faces like these even if they aren’t able to physically make it out to the property.

“Indraloka is a safe haven for farm animals that need rescue that have had nowhere else to go. Situations come up all the time, almost every day. Some animal falls off a slaughter truck, or a farm gets shut down for cruelty, we have hoarding situations, we have animals that are found in people’s backyards that are neglected,” said Braz.

He says there’s something about rescued animals that children bond well with teaching them things like compassion and kindness at a young age.

“We’ve seen an amazing impact. It’s a very rare thing to be able to meet a rescue farm animal, whether it be a rescued cow, chicken or pig, or turkey. There’s something about a rescue farm animal just like a dog or a cat, that they’re kind of different and the same thing happens with farm animals. They’re grateful. They love people it seems. They know they’ve been rescued and given a second chance and that really comes through,” explained Braz.

Call it a cure to spring fever.

If you are interested in scheduling a free 30-minute virtual field trip you can email sarah@indraloka.org or visit their website.