LOYALSOCK TOWNSHIP, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — Loyalsock Township High School’s football season opener against Warrior Run, originally scheduled for Friday, has been canceled after a probable positive COVID-19 test on the team.

“It was so weird to hear it but we can’t really do anything about it. But when we do get our game, just knoww we’ll be good to go, we’ll be ready to go,” said Dayvon Thompson, Senior, Loyalsock Twp. Football.

Just days away from their football season, Loyalsock Township is cancelling opening night after a probable case of COVID-19 in the high school.

Senior Dayvon Thompson says the news came as a surprise.

“Everybody on the team was just trying to find out if we were actually in close contact with the person, so we could worry about ourselves and our families and stuff,” said Thompson.

Now, Thompson and the rest of the Lancer Football Team, coaches included, are forced to stay off the field and out of school.

Teammate Tyler Suddath tells us the school’s support has been strong, but being locked out is a challenge.

“It’s weird. I love the game of football, I just, I always want to play. And now we don’t have the chance to play for two weeks, it’s kind of frustrating,” said Suddath, a Junior on the Loyalsock Township Football Team.

Director of Athletics Ron Insinger echoes that frustration, but says he knows the team will make the most of a difficult situation.

“Upset that our football team isn’t playing this friday night. But I know that we have a great group of kids that’s going to be highly competitive, and we’re going to try to make these games up,” said Insinger.

Insinger adds that any decision made both before and after this quarantine period will come with student safety at the forefront.

“We’re gonna make this work and we’re going to do it the right way. Obviously the safety and welfare of out student athletes is of the utmost importance. The winning and the losing will take care of itself,” said Insinger.

District Superintendent Gerald McLaughlin tells us the district is working to make sure the football team remains up to speed in the classroom.

Every student in the district has already been issued a tablet for events like this that necessitate virtual learning. He adds they’re trying to install live streams in certain classrooms to allow the athletes affected to receive the same instruction as their school mates.