SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A cat that was brought to a local non-profit was soon discovered to be a family pet that was reported missing several years ago. Proving that miracles come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes with whiskers and a tail.

The lucky black cat, Bobby, was brought to the Scranton non-profit, Street Cats and Dogs.

No one could have expected what happened next.

After the discovery of Bobby’s microchip and some digging into his history, it was found that Bobby went missing seven years ago.

“And the journey that he might have taken, we’re hoping that someone actually had him inside. He’s in good shape so we’re thinking that’s probably what happened,” said Joanne Davis, President of Street Cats and Dogs.

His condition was just as shocking as his discovery.

But the discovery of Bobby is just the beginning, his family is finally getting the holiday miracle they have hoped for, for the last seven years.

The assumed feral cat is actually the long-lost beloved pet of a family from Arkansas. Bobby went missing during the family’s RV trip as they passed through the area. A lot of time was spent searching, but ultimately they left heartbroken.

“They ended up contacting the woman and she was crying hysterical, had to hand the phone over to her husband because she was just so excited,” Davis said.

Emotions ran high from Pennsylvania to Arkansas.

“It doesn’t take much to make us cry here. We’re very attached to all of them and we like to try to find them all good homes, but returning someone is even more rewarding,” Davis added.

Bobby will soon be reunited with his family who were ready to hop in the car and pick him up.

But the Eastern Pennsylvania Animal Alliance, with the help of Twilight Furry Friends Transport, coordinated a way to safely return their new friend to his old home.

Bobby’s journey home will begin on Friday and they hope to document his trip back to his family.