LEHMAN TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Students from Wyoming Valley Montessori School in Kingston took class outdoors on Wednesday for a field and forest adventure. They explored Lehman Sanctuary and its inhabitants. 4th grader Ellie Parra said, “You get to see them first-hand and it’s just really cool.”
Students got to touch creatures like millipedes and salamanders. “It feels really cool. Really, really cool. I love it,” said 4th grader Jason Piavas. Lehman Sanctuary President Chris Miller began allowing schools and private groups in 2005 to examine the property’s old growth forest, its wild meadow and its undisturbed marsh. Mr. Miller said, “This is an extremely rare, diverse habitat.”
Deemed a sanctuary more than a year ago, the Back Mountain site gained something else of great value last December. It was designated a non-profit to which Mr. Miller replied, “We’re thrilled that we’re now, the Lehman Sanctuary is now a non-profit. It allows us to get community support, donations and grants for some dream projects.” 
One of Mr. Miller’s ideas going forward with the sanctuary is to develop a boardwalk. It would allow visitors to have a more intimate experience with the wetlands by taking them beyond the edge of the watershed.
With increased funding as a non-profit, a field station classroom for research is also something Mr. Miller wants to pursue. Wyoming Valley Montessori teacher Danny Klein said, “This property here has everything for everyone to know about the animal life, the birds, the amphibians, reptiles, plants.” Mr. Miller added, “We need to protect places like this for future generations.”
Mr. Miller hopes to have a field station up and ready next spring at Lehman Sanctuary. You can learn more about the goals of the sanctuary and its fundraising efforts by clicking here.