MIFFLINBURG, UNION COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — For some people, it’s never too early to start getting into the holiday spirit, and what better way to celebrate than to attend what’s billed as the world’s largest Christmas tree auction?

It’s a voice you’re familiar with if you frequent the Buffalo Valley Produce Auction.

Auctions take place in Mifflinburg year round, but during the holidays it’s billed as the world’s largest for Christmas trees.

“You want to be ready to go because there’s a lot of pressure over the next two days.”

Neil Courtney has been a part of the auction since its start in 1987.

“It’s been a great American success story.”

Its growth in size draws in crowds from across the country.

“There are more than 55,000 Christmas trees up for grabs but when it comes to other inventory, there’s no short supply with around 100,000 wreaths, centerpieces, and roping available.”

Items come in from sellers to then be bought by business owners and farmers like Laura Wolfe to resell for the holidays.

“It’s nice to buy those types of greens or berries or whatever from other farmers. It’s just farmers help support farmers.”

Courtney says the average cost is all about balance.

“The auction’s a two-edged sword, it cuts. If you have too many buyers, they pay a lot of money. If you have too many sellers, they sell cheap. So the balance is what you look for and you look for averaging over the course of many years.”

The sale runs all day Thursday and starts up again Friday at 8 a.m. in Mifflinburg.