DUNMORE, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Two teenagers, who are being charged as adults for an alleged planned terrorist attack on a Lackawanna County high school, waived their preliminary hearings Monday morning.

The teens, 15-year-old Zavier Lewis and 15-year-old Alyssa Kucharski had their preliminary hearing at the Lackawanna County Criminal Justice Center.

Both are facing charges after being arrested for allegedly planning to conduct an attack on Dunmore High School in September of 2021.

The case will now move to the County Court System and one of three things could happen. It could go to trial, both parties could strike a plea deal or the judge sends it to juvenile court.

It was in September the bucks community was shaken by disturbing allegations against four Dunmore School District students.

“They have waived their preliminary hearing. That means they have acknowledged their sufficient evidence to proceed forward with court,” explained Lackawanna County District Attorney, Mark Powell.

Investigators say Kucharski’s mother saw text messages between her daughter, Lewis, and two others who have been charged as juveniles, planning to ‘shoot up the school,’ on April 20, 2024. The 25th anniversary of the columbine shooting.

Investigators discovered in a text that a student said Kucharski had 20-to-30 Molotov cocktails underneath the front porch. A search warrant was issued for Kucharski’s parent’s home where investigators recovered explosive devices, bb pellets, Co2 cartridges, and notebooks on how to carry out the attack, calling their now foiled attack, ‘Natural Born Killers.’

“This is something we take very seriously. We’re fortunate that we were able to investigate and charge before anything serious happened but it doesn’t underestimate what could have happened,” explained Powell.

“This kind of brought it home. You sometimes think it will happen elsewhere but when it hits home like this you look at all your procedures,” said Superintendent John Marichak, Dunmore School District.

Superintendent John Marichak says the district started its training in late August ahead of the school year. When the allegations surfaced in September, Marichak says the district ‘honed up on’ its protocols and procedures by working with Dunmore Police, the District Attorney’s Office, the county 911 center, and the Sheriff’s Office.

“As of last week we meet with the Lackawanna County District Attorney’s Office in conjunction with the Lackawanna County Department of Health and Human Services, we’ve got some guidance from them on how to proceed with a threat assessment situation,” said Marichak.

For the other two individuals since they are being charged as juveniles their case is private to the public.
However, DA Mark Powell tells Eyewitness News those cases are moving forward.