SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Fans of the TV show “The Office” will be excited to hear that Michael Scott, Jim Halpert, and the entire cast are coming to Scranton through art.

The office has been in our lives since 2005 and now a new project connecting the show and all 17 of its characters is coming to the electric city.

“This area, in particular, there’s huge fans of the office. It has great meaning to our city,” said Liz Baldi, Project Coordinator of Scranton Tomorrow.

Scranton Tomorrow unveiled Monday the plans for a new mural to brighten up Lackawanna Avenue.

The art piece is called the story of us: the office’s relationship with Scranton. It’s a blank canvas now but the mural will be huge standing at 30 feet high and 120 feet long.

“Having this mural would really be like a kick-starter campaign and it’s a great way to get the community members involved and excited and really hope will drive people to the area to come to take pictures with it get it on social media and really have it be a to stop at when they’re coming through Scranton,” explained Baldi.

“I think it’s a great idea, any time you can fix up a plain wall, the office put Scranton on the map,” said Mike Hapstack.

Right next door to the mural location is Coney Island lunch. Peter Ventura the co-owner of the hot dog joint says he’s a fan of “The Office” himself.

“I was glad to hear that it’s coming here. There’s a lot of people that enjoyed it. I enjoy it. I watched every episode,” said Ventura.

But before the mural becomes a reality Scranton Tomorrow needs to raise the funds.

“We’re looking to raise in our kick-starter campaign about $85,000,” stated Baldi.

“I’m probably going to kick in. With the number of people who like the show I think if it gets out there, they’ll be getting donations across the country,” said Ventura.

If everything goes as planned Scranton Tomorrow expects the mural to be completed next spring.

If you wish to donate to “The Office” mural head over to the Scranton Tomorrow’s fundraiser website.