TAYLOR, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Wednesday night Taylor Borough Council unanimously voted to suspend all operations of Taylor Hose and Engine Co #1

Taylor Hose and Engine Co #1 is located at 614 Union Street and for the past 15 months, their all-volunteer Fire Company responded to just around 15% of all emergency calls.

The borough council has brought this issue up numerous times and has finally decided to give the Company an ultimatum. Either increase their response to emergency calls to 50%, merge with Taylor Fire and Rescue, or risk decertification.

According to Taylor Borough Manager Dan Zeleniak, the reason for their low response is due to a lack of volunteers, volunteers not being able to respond, and only two or three of them being certified to drive a ladder truck. 

They have to call Old Forge ladder trucks in when needed to ensure there will be a ladder on the scene of an emergency.

Zeleniak tells Eyewitness News that despite the Company’s suspension the public can rest assured that all emergency calls will be handled swiftly and efficiently as they always have. 

“Nothing changes in terms of the response. We still have Taylor Fire and Rescue. They have brand new equipment, they’re well maintained and they have a location up on Taylor Hill, up on Reynolds Avenue and they have a brand new truck in it, and a brand new truck here, so there is nothing for the public to be concerned about,” explained Zeleniak.

Taylor Borough provides a $2,000 stipend to Taylor Hose #1 and $4,000 to Taylor Fire and Rescue, which the latter operates 2 stations.

Taylor will hold that $2,000 funding as well as suspend all workman’s comp and financial obligations to the Company until a final decision is made on the future of their operation.

All further issues will be discussed at the next council meeting on November 9th.