POCONO TOWNSHIP, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A new building proposal was brought to a township in the Poconos with plans that would demolish a historical inn that’s been located in Tannersville since 1825.

The legendary Tannersville Inn has been permanently closed since March 2020, but controversy surrounds a sketch plan that was brought to township officials to replace the building with a Wawa.

Before there was Monroe County, there was the Tannersville Inn. That’s how Jim Werkheiser, a local historian, explains the history of the legendary inn.

“Now in 1846, Tannersville adopted its name, so in 1847 this then became the Tannersville inn as an inn, in addition to a tavern.”

The Tannersville inn has been at its location off Route 611 for more than 200 years.

Known for being the township’s oldest building and its reputation for paranormal activity due to its long-living history, the restaurant was a staple in the township until the COVID lockdown back in March 2020 sealed its fate.

“A lot of old-timers in the area would stop here after work every night to imbibe a little bit. Back in the day 200 years ago, what was there to do when you were working? Go to a tavern.”

This week a construction company brought a sketch plan to the township’s planning commission that would tear down the inn and replace it with a Wawa gas station.

Township officials say this was the first time the plan was brought to them, and that the builders would still need to get approval from PennDOT and DEP before being brought to the board.

Madeleine Besser, a nearby business owner, thinks the Wawa would bring more foot traffic to the area.

“I do love history and I do love being a local, but I also understand that we need to progress and that we need to grow.”

Besser says she understands the mixed feelings about the demolition, but didn’t see any action when the inn closed.

“I also feel if people really wanted to support keeping the building there, then start a GoFundMe, start a fundraiser, like do something about it instead of saying things.”

Township officials tell me since it was only a sketch plan brought to the meeting this construction proposal still has a long way to go.