EAST STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — While many are raising the heat and bundling up against the cold temperatures. Local ski resorts are firing up their snowmaking machines.

Beautiful snow fills the air and slopes at Shawnee Mountain Ski Area on Tuesday morning.

It’s a sight for sore eyes after ski resorts in our region struggled last season due to unseasonably warm temperatures.

“Our snowmakers did a phenomenal job with what they had, but it was definitely a fight with Mother Nature throughout the season so when we get this kind of cold temperatures, everyone just feels positive and optimistic and they get ready for the upcoming season with a great attitude,” explained Rachel Wyckoff, director of marketing of Shawnee Mountain Ski Area.

The resorts started making snow Sunday night with the recent freezing temps. A sign of optimism for the next couple of months.

Mountain manager Zach McCormack says they work around the clock when the weather cooperates to make snow. Using automated and the newest, most efficient snow gun technology.

“Quality is incredibly important, especially for people who are using the snow, skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing. We can put a lot of snow down, but we also want to ensure it’s the best product for our users.”

But it’s not just snow that brings crowds to the mountain, it’s also the people.

“We are family-owned and family-focused and you can pick up on that vibe the second you walk across the bridge here,” said Joshua Urciuoli, operations manager of Shawnee Mountain Ski Area.

The resort has added lots of improvements this season to accommodate all families. Including a new ‘mini monster mountain.’

“Kids ages eight and under can go and play on gliders and build snowmen and have snowball fights, so it’s going to be a lot of fun for those kids,” expressed Michaela Kennedy, marketing assistant of Shawnee Mountain Ski Area

Ready to fire up the ski lifts and welcome guests, they also hope for fresh powder from Mother Nature herself.

“We’re due for a real winter, right? It’s nice in the Poconos when we have a real winter,” said Joshua Urciuoli, operations manager of Shawnee Mountain Ski Area.

Shawnee Mountain Ski Area says as long as Mother Nature cooperates. They plan to open for the season in mid-December.