SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A program is ensuring college students stay safe through the art of self-defense.

Over 50% of sexual assault cases on college or university campuses happen between mid-August and Thanksgiving. It’s known as the Red Zone.

“Our Red Zone training encompasses sort of all things. Our courses are Title IX compliant and Title IX is, on college campuses, to handle gender-based violence and sexual assault prevention, among other things. So we cover catcalling, inappropriate comments to date rape drug prevention, drug-facilitated sexual assaults, rape prevention, and anti-abduction. It’s a full spectrum of courses of what we do,” said Robert Thomas, owner of Tsunami Self Defense Systems.

Thomas says it’s important to talk about, especially for those headed off to college.

“We always teach that self-defense begins with your self-worth and self-value and knowing your worth defending. On college campuses, when things are new and exciting and you’ve moved away from home for the first time, vuneralbities are maybe there that you don’t realize you wanna fun and explore and do things, that’s fine. College should be a fun and enjoyable time. But that’s when predators prey,” explained Thomas.

Eyewitness News reporter Nicole Rogers even got to learn some of the moves they teach in their self-defense classes. Their biggest advice is to trust your gut.

“Our intuition is important because it really never lies. And you are far, far, far more protective if you’re gonna listen to something that may bring you safety than you are in trying to maybe deny it or maybe push it off to the side and go through with something that potentially put you in some sort of danger or an uncomfortable situation,” described Margaret Clarke, a self-defense instructor at Tsunami Self Defense System.

They say your boundaries are your boundaries and it’s your right to have them and uphold them, even if they’re different from those around you.

Visit Tsunami Self Defense’s website to learn more about staying safe during the red zone.