JENKINS TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — It’s that time of year when pumpkin flavor seems to be all the rage.

But sipping on pumpkin spice lattes isn’t the only way to get your fix.

A local brewer is joining in on the fall trend with a beverage that’s also brewing up nostalgia.

Beer bottles clanging on a conveyor system is a sweet sound at Susquehanna brewing company. The Maier family’s business is brewing Stegmaier pumpkin ale.

It’s the first beer brewed by SBC with the Stegmaier name which the Maiers bought back from lion brewery earlier this year after selling the naming rights in 1974.

“It means a lot. It’s real exciting,” said Fred Maier, Vice President and Co-founder of SBC.

Fred Maier is a sixth-generation beer maker who co-founded Susquehanna brewing company in 2012. The fact Stegmaier pumpkin ale is the first Stegmaier brand beer SBC is brewing.

“It’s actually a pretty heavy responsibility because of one of the… People love this beer so we took this very seriously,” Fred continued.

“We did our best to duplicate what the lion had brewed. It hasn’t been brewed in two years,” Ed Maier, President of SBC states.

Talk about nostalgia. A 1938 Stegmaier beer delivery truck showed up Thursday morning as the first batch of Stegmaier pumpkin ale was being bottled and packaged.

“It’s just a tremendous coincidence that it’s on… That they both happened on the same day,” Ed elaborated.”

Ed and his son Fred were first to sample the product but not in front of cameras.

“I had it today for the first time and it’s very tasty. Very tasty,” Ed remarked.

A recipe the Maiers say aims to please.

“Pumpkin, vanilla, molasses, the spice blend I mean it really.. It, you know, takes everything that reminds you of grandma’s baking and combines it into a beer,” Fred comments.

So if you want to get your pumpkin on, you better act fast. Stegmaier pumpkin ale is available as early as this weekend but it is in limited supply