WILLAIMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Summer is almost over and people are enjoying what’s left of the warm weather before fall is here.

The price of fuel continues to slowly decline and many people spent the holiday weekend traveling.

It’s the unofficial end of summer and people try to soak it up before the cool temperatures return.

Steady and heavy rainfall poured over Williamsport on Labor Day, keeping some residents local for the long holiday weekend.

“Well with the way the weather’s going to be and everything and the price of fuel still, so do something close,” stated Chuck Phillps, a resident of Hughesville.

The Sheetz on West 3rd Street has regular for $3.94 a gallon and $4.49 for auto diesel.

Prices have slowly declined from earlier this summer, but some say it’s not fast enough.

“It’d be nice if they went up slow and come down faster. Just the opposite but that’s don’t happen,” Phillips continued.

Located nearby, the Exxon on River Ave, it’s also $3.94 for regular and $5.45 for diesel.

One family traveling home to Lancaster says fuel remains a little steep but they still decided to travel up north with their grandchildren.

“It’s something most of America hasn’t been doing a lot of so for us that’s what we like to do, I think it’s good for everybody to spend time with their families,” Lancaster traveler Ed Rankin said.

Another traveler came down from Connecticut to see family and catch up with old friends who also came from out of town.

Inflation and fuel are both high, but that won’t keep her from traveling.

“It’s just such a beautiful world and you’ve just got to see it while you can and no the price of fuel isn’t holding me up,” said Eva Siefert of Connecticut.

This Labor Day has definitely not seen the warm and sunny weather we have had for most of the summer, but the travelers all say they’re happy to enjoy the holiday surrounded by family.