HEPBURN TOWNSHIP, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Pennsylvania State Police, officers from the Old Lycoming Police Department and Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation are searching the property for the possible buried remains for two of the three minor children of Marie Snyder, according to investigators.  

On September 10th Lycoming Children and Youth began investigating Snyder on alleged neglect of the youngest child, a 7-year-old boy.  

After contacting Snyder, her girlfriend Echo Butler and the youngest child of Snyder, Lycoming Children and Youth began to also investigate the welfare of the other two children. 

According to court papers, Snyder told Lycoming Children and Youth investigators that her two daughters, 11 and 8 years old, were living with a friend since 2015 and were being homeschooled.  

Police say Snyder would not give investigators the name or address of the person looking after the two children, only answering questions by saying that the friend and children lived out of state.  

On September 25th Lycoming Children and Youth made contact at the residence with Ronald Butler, the owner of the property, Snyder, and Echo Butler who indicated that the children were with a friend but would not provide the name or address. Later that day Snyder called Lycoming Children and Youth and said that the children were out of state with a friend.  

Lycoming Children and Youth instructed Snyder to obtain the address immediately and inform them. Lycoming Children and Youth contacted the children’s father on the 27th who informed them that he had not seen the children since 2015. 

Lycoming Children and Youth were able to confirm on October 1st that the two missing children had not been enrolled in school and the last record of the children was from 2015.  

Records from the Office of Assistance confirmed on October 20th that Snyder had indicated that all three children were living with her at the residence on Livermore Road in Hepburn Township, according to the most recent update made in February of this year.  

Old Lycoming Police canvased the neighborhood and talked with neighbors at the request of Lycoming Children and Youth. Neighbors indicated they had seen the young boy but that the two daughters had never been seen at the residence.  

According to the affidavit of probable cause, one owner of the house, of the same address as Marie Snyder, Echo Butler, and the children, told officers that she was under the impression that the two children were living with a friend out of state until Snyder could move into a larger house. She is stated to have said that Snyder had not told her the name or address of the friend the children were with, and to her best knowledge Snyder has not seen the children since 2015.  

Marie Snyder and Echo Butler are said to have fled the residence with the young boy to avoid Lycoming Children and Youth.  

Since Snyder and Butler are currently incarcerated, the child is with the Lycoming Children and Youth.  

This is an ongoing investigation. Eyewitness News will provide more information as it becomes available.