SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — As drivers leap into spring, they will see more people out on the roads, including pedestrians.

That’s why one college campus is raising awareness for pedestrian safety.

Pushing the crosswalk button before crossing Mulberry Street has become second nature to most students at the University of Scranton.

“Usually, if you press the button and the lights come on, they’re pretty good about stopping, but you can’t be too safe,” said Maureen Heaney, University of Scranton student.

But local highway safety officials say not all students or drivers are paying attention 100 percent of the time.

“The university reports that they hear a lot of screeching tires from people slamming on their brakes trying to avoid students. There’s been some accidents but nothing to date tragic and that’s what we are trying to prevent,” explained Drew Marion the Lackawanna County Highway Safety Coordinator.

Student officers handed out information cards Tuesday to make others aware of how to reduce their risk of becoming a pedestrian crash victim.

Mulberry Street is a state road and a very busy one connecting two sides of campus. Even though there are designated crosswalks for the university’s more than 4,000 students, staff, and faculty.

“Pedestrians do have the right away, however, it’s everyone’s responsibility to be cautious and aware of their surroundings,” added Marion.

Stop and look both ways and don’t assume drivers see you.

With less than two months until the end of the school year for the royals, students have a lot on their minds. Some admitting this reminder will hopefully help them avoid becoming a troubling pedestrian statistic.

“Sometimes I’m rushing to class and I’ll just kinda like speed walk, but other times I hope that cars would stop for me you know,” asked student, Bryanna Thomas.

Officials say they want drivers and pedestrians to share the road and be aware of each other.