SWIFTWATER, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Many small businesses have a lot riding on this year’s holiday season as they work through supply chain issues and inflation. But for one small business in the Poconos, the love of dessert keeps their doors open; the love of cheesecake to be exact.

The Pocono Cheesecake Factory has been around since the 1980s, making them a staple in the community for the holiday season.

As the family-owned business works around the clock during its busiest time of year, former owner Alfred Johnson tells Eyewitness News they’ve been struggling due to inflation.

“The cost of cream cheese has doubled over the last year and a half. When we can get it, we buy it in quantities much smaller than we did previously.”

In addition to an uptick in prices, baking supervisor Robin Tooth said they’ve even had to make adjustments to the menu.

“We had a lot of trouble with toppings too. We had to go to a different distributor for the strawberry topping and we ran out of pineapple for a while.”

Owner Jeremy Johnson says despite the day-to-day challenges, the shop and its customers are adapting to seeing a higher price tag.

“Things are changing so fast, your concept of reasonable shifts day to day, so it’s a little bit hard. I got to try and ride that wave and make sure I’m covering my costs and paying my people well, and not cutting myself short, but also not driving away a potential customer.”

As the new business owner following his dad’s retirement this year, Jeremy says the love of the job and family keeps him going.

“Not just my family, but the family association that families in the community have with the dessert, with the holidays, with the traditional kind of thing. It really forms a great network.”

The Pocono Cheesecake Factory has also been facing a worker shortage for the last two years.

Those looking to apply can head to their website here.