PITTSTON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — State officials are in Luzerne County touring one city that received millions of dollars for redevelopment.

They call it the renaissance of Pittston. It’s an eight-step plan that will take the city from the way it was to the way it could be.

“One of the criticisms levied against municipalities is that we need to behave like businesses I absolutely agree with that. So we want to show an investment was made and there is an anticipated outcome.”

Mayor Michael Lombardo has been working to revitalize the city; including Main Street where many murals have been painted and a branch of the Luzerne County Community College now lies.

“We’ve been able to hold the line on taxes for 12 years and I can tell you it’s because of projects like this which have allowed growth.”

One of those projects is a mixed use waterfront warehouse that is currently under construction for an estimated $5.3 million. There are already a few occupants on the first floor; including a hair salon, the “Cycle Yard”, and “Art and Vino.”

“What gets measured gets done. We want to identify what are the metrics, not only this really looks good, not only there are people here, but what are the real numbers, the nuts and bolts, how this project has impacted the citizens of the city.”

Those citizens who can now live in one of these new waterfront condos which used $2.5 million of redevelopment assistance capital program funds to help finish the $6.7 million project.

However, Mayor Lombardo is pitching a new idea.

“We’re talking about projects that are ongoing and complete, but the end of today will be about pitching a new project called ‘Market and Main’. Part of that project would be a 1,000 seat movie theatre called the ‘New American’, so the story comes full circle. Hopefully today will be the birth of that new project.”