EDWARDSVILLE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — This is Joe Stanavage Jr, he boils homemade pierogis, dumps them in the butter, and hands them off to the customer.

His father, Joe Stanavage Sr, started their family business, “Joe’s homemade pierogis” back in 1987.

“Oh my dad, I still remember him getting on his hands and knees. He just wanted to make a dollar. He had two boys. He wanted to make extra money for the family,” said Joe Junior.

35 years later, the business is a staple in NEPA for getting fresh pierogis. All thanks to the help of family and long-time friends like cook Eugene Brugger Jr.

“Joe senior is my best friend of 66 years. I helped him out making pierogis and stuff like that. It’s been a long ride.”

Homemade pierogies are just one of 37 food vendors at the Edwardsville Pierogi Festival, a two day long event featuring great food, rides, a cookoff and even a parade.

It started in 2014, has been a staple in NEPA ever since.

“It’s great to just open up the awnings and sit here and get ready for people to come up. We had the whole pandemic, 6 feet away. We had shields all over protecting ourselves, protecting the staff. But we’re sort of getting back to normal and we’re starting to see more and more people coming out,” said Joe Junior.

There’s more than just pierogis. They also mix up fresh dough, pop it in the fryer, and shake in some cinnamon sugar to serve mini doughnuts.

Plenty of food to go around.