DALLAS TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The state has a new tool in the fight against substance use disorder. That “tool” is intended to make it easier for people battling an addiction to find the services they need.

The new tool is a website that’s been up and running now for nearly two months. State and local officials gathered today in Luzerne County’s Back Mountain to talk about it.

“When it comes to treating the disease of addiction, we know that one size does not fit all,” stated Steve Ross, Special Assistant to the Secretary, Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs

To that point, Pennsylvania’s Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs is promoting what’s called ‘ATLAS’ an acronym for addiction treatment locator, assessment, and standards platform.

“It’s an opportunity to give folks the ability to familiarize themselves and educate themselves with the services that are available locally and to be able to have one more way to connect to those resources when they need them,” explained Ross.

When ‘ATLAS’ expanded into Pennsylvania in June, Pyramid Healthcare wanted to be part of it. Pyramid offers 35 programs statewide through its treatment and recovery services and saw great value in ‘ATLAS’.

“There was a streamlined approach to gathering all of the vital information in order to make this platform a true success,” said Christine Vigna-Volker, VP of Clinical Services/Quality Management at Pyramid Healthcare.

ATLAS features an easy-to-use dashboard to search for and compare facilities that may prove to be the best fit whether it’s finding a facility conveniently located, specific services, or if your insurance is accepted.

Pyramid Healthcare in Luzerne County’s Back Mountain is a 100-bed facility that offers detox and residential levels of care to men and women.

Since opening in 2019, it’s served more than 5,000 individuals battling the disease of addiction.

“Our purpose is to serve, empower, and inspire hope in individuals, families, and communities to recover,” said Stacey Little, Executive Director at Pyramid Healthcare.

With 515 treatment providers already signed up statewide, people with substance use disorders have options through ATLAS. They also have a message of support on the home front and in Harrisburg.

“To anyone who is struggling out there at this very minute, please know that you are not alone,” said Ross.

Two of every three facilities licensed with Pennsylvania’s Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs are part of ATLAS.

Facilities that missed the deadline to enroll will have the opportunity this fall.

Head to the Addiction Treatment Locator Assessment and Standards Platform website to learn more about the new ‘ATLAS’ program to find the treatment resources you or your family may need.