EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — Eggs have been making headlines lately, but not for health reasons. One item on everyone’s grocery list has climbed in cost, eggs.

“It started increasing slowly but then it just spiked,” said Gary Schiel, co-owner of Schiel’s

Schiel says he’s seen the rise and tries to give a good deal.

“We’re trying to sell right around the cost of what we could and even sometimes, we have a sale this week you know what it is, is try to pass some savings along to the customer,” explains Schiel.

For regular egg consumers, it can take a toll.

“I was paying $10 for the big ones, 18 pack, but like I said we eat 5 a day that don’t take long to disappear,” said Bill Wheeler, from Hudson.

The Avenue Restaurant in Wyoming feels the impact since eggs are a key item on their menu, which is a big hit.

“Eggs over they were terrific,” says Charles Jamiolkowski from Hanover Township.

The owner of The Avenue, David Krappa, says they use over 5,000 eggs a week.

“If you take a look at my menu, eggs are on almost every item for breakfast,” said Krappa.

Eggs are also a part of most recipes, which makes them necessary to buy.

“I’m hoping they start dropping a bit, I mean this week they did drop slightly I’m just hoping that it continues to drop, that we’ll be back to where we were,” continued Krappa.

Some believe it’s cheaper to eat out when it comes to your over-easies.

“If they raise the price one dollar for the whole ‘schmear’, you’re still coming out ahead,” added Jamiolkowski.

But other options are available.

Now there are some local alternatives that can beat the rising cost of your favorite breakfast. Beginning in March, Bow & Branch Chicken Ranch, on 57 Cherokee Drive, Shickshinny, PA will open a stand to sell quality eggs at a low price.

“It’ll be right at the end of our driveway for the community we’ll have a refrigerator full of eggs, and that’s our main goal is just to supply the community, especially with the egg shortage, we want to be affordable,” explained Kaili Bowman from Bow & Branch Chicken Ranch.

Eggs will be $3 a dozen and $4 for 18 a cost-efficient way to get naturally sourced eggs.

“I definitely prefer the eggs that we get they’re natural so you know there’s no anything that’s unhealthy, you don’t have to question it,” said Dakota Bowman from Bow & Branch Chicken Ranch added.

It is encouraged to support local farmers before getting your own feathered friends,
but some are up for the challenge.

“I never thought 5 years ago I would be a chicken mom,” said Alysha Davis from Huntington Township.

Alysha Davis has welcomed chickens into her family after a lot of research.

“We made the decision to get the chickens and have these eggs. We’re fortunate that we’re able to have fresh eggs every day from happy chickens,” continued Davis.

It took the Davis’s 7 months to get eggs, but now they have them daily something that is fun for the whole family.

“Wake up, run outside, get the eggs, and count how many we have,” said Beau Davis from Huntington.

“How many do you usually have?” asked Allegrucci.

“Like four to six,” responded Davis.

If you are considering buying a flock to avoid the increasing cost of eggs.

“Do a little research. they’re a lot of work upfront, but the payoff’s there,” said Davis.

This weekend the Times Leader will release their issue on the nationwide rising cost of eggs be sure to check out their Sunday edition to see more.