STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A Monroe County 911 dispatcher in training was awarded for helping a family deliver a baby at their home after the mother unexpectedly went into labor.

The unsung heroes in an emergency. As the first line of response dispatchers at the Monroe County 911 control center work around the clock to be there for those who need it most.

20-year-old Yarilyn Maldonado has been a dispatcher in training for the last nine months working beside her trainer Chris.

Taking over any new role comes with its quirks but Maldonaldo says she got the surprise of a lifetime when answering a call back in November.

“When the lady said she was giving birth, I was stunned. It was interesting it was very off-guard,” said Maldonado

She says a woman unexpectedly went into labor at her home in the Poconos and jumping into action Maldonaldo followed the procedure walking the woman’s family through the delivery.

“I didn’t freak out and I think that’s the most important part when you’re a dispatcher is, especially when you’re taking phone calls, not only with the officers but also with the people that are calling 911,” said Maldonado

Her trainer Chris Jerlinksi says he’s only experienced a delivery call once before and it’s special to be a part of.

“Your job is to help that person no matter what’s going on at the other end of that phone and in that situation, just very different. It’s something that not a lot of people have ever dealt with,” said Chris Jerlinski, 911 dispatcher trainee.

With the family successfully delivering a healthy baby Jerlinski and Maldonaldo were later awarded having their names placed on the center’s ‘baby board’ in the front office.

“Most of the time when we pick up a phone, we’re talking to people on the worst days of their lives. So to be part of something like that, to bring a family joy, especially right before the holidays, was excellent it was a different feeling than we’re used to here,” said Jerlinski.

The dispatchers tell Eyewitness News they haven’t reunited with the family but say they would love to officially meet its newest member.