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(WBRE/WYOU) — From gymnastics to swimming, cycling to basketball, there are more than thirty different sports in the Tokyo Games, and all are strenuous activities. Eyewitness News wanted to know what event do you believe is the most physically challenging.

Joe Luchansky from Dickson City: “I would say while I think swimming is quite difficult in itself, just because I am not very good at it and I am amazed at people that are capable of doing that. I think gymnastics is another one, that is extremely difficult given the difficulty of the moves that they are capable of doing, and the amount of time that they have to put in to train for it.”

“Probably gymnastics. I did gymnastics a little bit when I was younger, so seeing them is incredible,” says Emily Polito from New York.

Michael Dennin from Olyphant: “Oh, they are all amazing, every single the elite level of talent, athleticism. All of it, from top to bottom.”

Are the new events like sport climbing and skateboarding, good for the Olympics?

Ann O’Brien from Jessup: “Adding some new sports definitely expands the pool of athletes. It recognizes the skills that people have in new and different ways.”

We asked these seven-year-old twins what they would like to compete in when they get older.

Mason & Sylus Dennin: “I think, I think ride bikes.” says Mason, while Sylus said, “Oh, go swimming in the pool.”

Do the games still have the magic of unifying our world?

“Just the different ways that people live in this world, but coming together over our commonalities. Leaving other stuff aside, just recognizing as humans we have so much in common., and a lot to celebrate. So I think the Olympics is a wonderful reminder for us,” said O’Brien.

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