JERSEY SHORE, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A Lycoming County community is in need of major repairs for its culvert. The structure carries water under a heavily used road, and it’s now at risk of collapsing.

It’s hard to see behind me, but the Lawshe Run Culvert in Jersey Shore has faced problems for years. Recently, the Lycoming County Commissioners decided to invest in its repairs before a catastrophe happens.

“It’s not only affecting our water flow but it’s also affecting our roads and local businesses,” said Cody Hoover, Jersey Shore Borough Manager.

Earlier this month the Lycoming County commissioners announced their $1M investment for improvements to Jersey Shore’s Lawshe Run Culvert.

“The culvert needs to be repaired, like many parts of our infrastructure, it wears away with time,” explained Rick Mirabito, (d) Lycoming County Commissioner

The culvert is over 100 years old and is about a 1/2 – 3/4 mile long. It runs primarily under Allegheny Street, a heavily traveled road in the area. Cody Hoover, Jersey Shore’s Borough Manager, says parts of the concrete have cracked open and the culvert runs the risk of collapsing.

“We are monitoring it. Larson Design is keeping an eye on it but it is crumbling. It could be one major flood event you know 5 years from now or it could be tomorrow. We really don’t know. We’re trying to be proactive,” Hoover added.

Each spring residents report cracks and bubbling up in the road. Hoover estimates this project could be anywhere from $8M-$11M. The borough and the county are working together to get as much funding from grants as possible.

“We should get about $260,000 from FEMA to help towards this effort. We’re trying to supplement our engineering funds with grants so we have more money to go further,” said John Lavelle the Deputy Director of the County Planning Department.

The borough is working with PennDOT to move the culvert directly under the street in a straight line to improve its efficiency. They’re hoping to begin construction next year.