Hot temperatures across region impacting farmers and crops

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WEST ABINGTON TOWNSHIP, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE 28/WYOU 22 EYEWITNESS NEWS) — Monday’s heat will have many seeking shade, but it may also help some crops.

“We start at 6:00 in the morning this time of year. When we start picking, we start at 4:30 in the morning. But this time of year, we start at 6. We get out and pull weeds and stuff like that to lunch time, noon time. And then we go and do something else in the afternoon, that we can give us a little break for our back and things like that,” Jim Schirg, from Jim’s Farm Produce

Farmers are watching weather reports and keeping their eyes to the sky, as storms can damage the crops in their fields.

“Temperatures in the 90s or near 90 is fine most of time, as long as we don’t get a bad thunderstorm or hailstorm with it. When a cold front comes in. But it is good for most crops, except for our cold crops. The cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, don’t like it that hot. But everything corn, tomatoes, peppers, all like it in that kind of temperatures,” Jim said.

Jim’s grandson, Matthew, a third-generation farmer, tells us it is nothing unusual.

“I was born into it. But I honestly really enjoy it. But sometimes you’re sore at times, you know it’s a long day’s work, but it is honest work, and I really enjoy doing it,” said Matthew.

“We take it with stride. We had a cold spring, Memorial Day weekend set us back a little bit because it was in the 40s day and night, for about three days there with rain. Normally, we would have had all these crops in at that time. We were actually about a week, a week and a half late, getting our peppers and stuff in,” Jim said. “But with this heat and stuff they’re doing just fine right now. The last couple days we’ve seen really big improvements.”

Scranton is preparing for the opening of the 82nd edition of the Scranton Co-op Farmers Market, off Barring Avenue on July 16.

You can keep an eye on temperatures and potential storms with the Eyewitness Weather Interactive Radar.

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