WYOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — It’s an early Thanksgiving, but with a twist. In this feast, the birds are doing the eating, celebrating life, and giving thanks.

It’s a frosty morning at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary in Wyoming County on Thursday.

The sun rising means one thing, breakfast.

It’s the routine the chickens have every morning at the sanctuary but now in November, the birds will be feasting at its annual ‘Thanksliving’ on Saturday.

‘Indra Lahiri, founder of Indraloka Animal Sanctuary says “If we really want to focus on a celebration of life and love and gratitude, as the holidays should be, then we ought to be serving others, not taking their lives, but giving them life.”

Celebrating its 12th year, the community will watch as turkeys, birds, ducks, and more feast for their own holiday.

Lahiri says this event opens the eyes of the community about how to give back to not just birds, but all animals, especially in need like Mira the goat.

“When we first got Mira, she had had such terrible infections in her hooves that she had been walking on her elbows for so long that her legs were permanently bent and she couldn’t straighten them out at all.”

After months of physical therapy, Mira spends her time healthy and loving life, embracing all the rubs she can get from volunteers like Paula Longo.

“It’s definitely a worry-free zone when you come up here and I just feel as though your heart grows when you’re here.”

So whether you’re here for the feast, or to get in some cuddles. The animal sanctuary connects people and animals to blossom each other with love and resilience.

Mark Hiller and Paola Giangiacomo will be Saturday’s ‘Thanksliving’ hosts.

If you’re not able to attend, you can still donate to the animal sanctuary through its online raffle.