EAST STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — An East Stroudsburg woman is launching a new children’s book based on her two children with special needs.

Inclusion is something that’s more than just a word for Janessy DeLeon and her two children, Gabby and Nicky.

The pair are DeLeon’s motivation in life and the reason why she wanted to spread their message, permanently, on paper.

“I’ve always had this idea of writing a children’s book because of my experiences with my kids, especially when they were young because they’re non-verbal and in wheelchairs.”

After over a year she’s finally launching her first book, “Tag! You’re it: A story on inclusion with Gabby and Nicky.”

The book, based on her children is about a non-verbal 7-year-old in a wheelchair who wants to play with other kids.

“there’s a lot of people who have been feeling like they haven’t been included for one reason or another so I feel like this book can help other children connect and understand and empathize and then let’s do something about it.”

Deleon tells me the feedback she’s received is astounding.

“I’ve had virtual visits already at schools in new york city and the response from the kids is wonderful. They’re just considerate, empathetic, and it just makes me hopeful about the future.”

The book will be officially available online on Tuesday, April 5, which is her daughter Gabby’s 21st birthday.

The author says she’s already in the works to make the book into a series and continue spreading the message of inclusion.