EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — Lawmakers in Washington, like parents, want answers to this baby formula shortage and say steps have to be taken to make sure something like this never happens again.

The short answer is there are no easy answers or quick solutions to the problem. Parents and store owners are frustrated. Lawmakers vow to find solutions and get baby formula on store shelves.

Vicki Grasley and her daughter Miranda from Berwick are driving around the area looking for baby formula for four-month-old Brayden and they found it at Gould’s Shur Save Supermarket in Conyngham.

“This is the fullest I’ve seen anywhere,” said Vicki Grasely

“It’s been awful! It makes you wonder how you’re going to feed him,” stated Miranda Grasley.

John Cara owns Gould’s Shur save supermarket.

“When the federal government shutdown that plant that had a bad situation it really took away the hand of the formula that was available immediately. If you look at the shelves you can see these extra tags sitting here. That’s what we order every single time. Even if we aren’t getting it we try and order it,” explained Cara.

That is unacceptable —says U.S. Senator Bob Casey. He and several other senators introduced legislation to give the food and drug administration .. Fda more authority to help prevent these supply shortages.

“This is one measure but andy when a manufacturer knows there’s going to be a problem sometimes whether it’s contamination or otherwise. They got to notify families and the county so you can have steps taken to mitigate that,” stated Casey.

Casey tells Eyewitness News the immediate problem, some are calling a crisis, must be addressed.

“We got to pass a number of measures both appropriations and policy changes to make sure that we deal with the near-term crisis which is getting supply on the shelves,” explained Casey.

Casey says part of that near-term solution was announced by President Biden yesterday.

Military aircraft will be flying baby formula from other countries to the United States.