BARRETT TOWNSHIP, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Taking the spooky season to a whole other level that’s what one family in the Poconos does every year to have a howling Halloween.

What’s your biggest fear? Clowns? Dolls? Maybe something out of a movie? You’ll most likely find it at the home of Eric Rosencrance and Jennifer Stapleton in Barrett Township.

“I absolutely love scaring people,” Stapleton says, “I get to be somebody different for the night.”

The pair has put on the ultimate haunted Halloween trail in their yard off Route 191 for the last several years.

The trail features animatronics and homemade fright, to make you jump.

“It’s all about having fun with kids and having fun with adults and letting adults be kids again for a night.” says Rosecrance.

Halloween is their favorite day of the year, pouring their hearts, souls, and bank accounts to bring the ultimate scare to all who dare and this kind of attraction doesn’t pop up overnight.

“This year, we started early so about six to seven weeks of putting it together. Out here in all the weather, the rain, the sweating of the seventy degrees that we had.”

A dozen scenes make up the trail, taking you places like a butcher and a dollhouse.

“The wheelchair in the asylum scene, actually somebody donated that to us and it’s a pretty old wheelchair. So we like creepy things that we can put into our scenes.”

Nearly 900 trick-or-treaters braved through the spooky pathway last year.. Now the couple hoping to see more than a thousand take on the scare test.

“That’s what it’s about. Having fun and being scared.”

The Halloween house is also known as the ‘riddle house’, where trick-or-treaters can answer a riddle to possibly win a full-sized candy bar.