STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Holiday displays scatter neighborhoods across the commonwealth, but one couple in the Poconos takes the cake by building a massive Christmas village inside their home.

Trains, carolers, skyscrapers, and more make up the magical city of “Frendoville”.

“We just try to bring life to our little city Frendoville,” said Mark Frendo of Stroudsburg.

Mark Frendo and his wife Mary have been adding to the village for more than 30 years. First starting with just two homes. Now expanding to 160 houses with 500 accessories, this family tradition takes up to six weeks to set up.

“Long nights, weekends, a lot of takeout food where we don’t have time to stop and cook, but after the village is set up I think it’s well worth it. I mean we just sit back, we look at this and we’re very proud of what we do,” Frendo explained.

Mark says what started as a hobby became their collection, the display’s details are incomparable as they add handmade items each year.

“We build our own fences, we build our own sidewalks, lighting. We’ve actually built a stadium in this village, we’ve built a whole harbor scene,” Frendo added.

As years go by, adding new accessories, Mark says the expense is worth it by keeping the holiday spirit up year-round.

“Mary and I, we haven’t gone on vacation since the year 2000. Where people like to go on vacation and spend their money that way, this is our little indulgence here,” Frendo continued.

When the lights switch off finishing another cheerful season, the love for their hard work continues.

“There’s a lot of our heart, our soul, everything in this village,” Frendo expressed.

Frendo tells Eyewitness News he and his wife plan to make the village bigger and better each and every year.