COLUMBIA TOWNSHIP, BRADFORD COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Bradford County is dealing with a lot of damage from storms that passed through Monday night.

“It was crazy because it just poured and poured,” Dixie Lutz, a Columbia Township resident, said.

Flooding, downed trees and evacuations, as severe storms ripped through the northern tier of Pennsylvania Monday night.

“The amount of water that came down was insane I’ve never seen anything like it really. I’ve never seen it rise that quickly and cause that much damage in such a short period of time,” said Lutz.

A trailer was swept away on Austinville Road, part of it closed overnight as the creek overflowed.

Bradford County got about two to three inches of rain causing flash flooding. That caused some locations to be evacuated. Eyewitness News sister station WETM reported multiple water rescues last night. Evacuations at Roseville Trailer Park along Benson Avenue reported water entering the homes.

In Roosevelt, Tioga County, multiple homes were evacuated after a nearby creek was jammed with debris.

“Houses were flooded people were evacuated to the church and people were taken in boats it was bad it was really bad,” said Luann Morgan, a Roseville resident.

A retired man’s hobby also swept away in the storm.

“This building here was my wood shop and it just floated down here and came around the trees and parked here on the bank,” Harry Morgan, a Roseville resident, said.

Morgan says one point the water level in Mill Creek was as high as the bridge.

Some residents say they are scared of what’s to come as the threat of severe weather continues Tuesday.

“It’s going to be a long cleanup process but I know we’ll get there just takes a lot of hard work it’s all,” said Melissa Robinson, a Mansfield resident.

The National Weather Service will be conducting a storm survey on Tuesday in Bradford County and parts of Wayne County.

PennDOT has released the following information regarding roads impacted by the storms:

Bradford County

  • Route 4016 (Austinville Road) between Route 4019 (Iron Mine Road) and Route 14 in Columbia Township.
  • Route 4033 (Sopertown Road) between the Tioga/Bradford County line and Beaman Road in Columbia Township.
  • Route 3024 (Fairview Road) between Hanks Road and Route 3019 (Corners Road) in West Burlington Township.
  • Route 4008 (Porter Road) at the intersection with Basket Street in Columbia Township.