BLOOMSBURG, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— Generating innovation and exciting new ideas from the next generation is what the husky dog pound competition is all about.

In just minutes, students are challenged to present their ideas and research to a panel of judges with cash prizes going to the winners.

The sixth annual Husky Dog Pound competition is growing and thriving it brings students from across Pennsylvania to Bloomsburg University.

“So today’s students are pitching their business idea. Whether it’s a product, service, or application. they have three minutes to make their pitch to the judges. then the judges ask them questions for five minutes about their product or idea,” said Christina Force the Husky Dog Pound organizer.

Students value the experience that this competition gives them, even if they don’t win part of the cash prize.

“It’s a really good help for a presentation. It’s really good especially if you want to become a business owner. if you want to do business, it’s a really good way to practice doing presentations in front of actual judges,” says Maykerline Vilgeant from Wilkes-Barre Area high school.

Over the years they have seen a variety of handy and unique products and business ideas.

“They could be as simple as from new type of vase, to one year we had somebody where they had a pig heart product where they were working on a new valve,” added Force

Creativity and ingenuity are seen in every room and every presentation.

“We’re trying to help and solve the problem of sorting recyclables wrong. we also have an app that will connect through Bluetooth through the product. That will also every time you scan a recyclable, points will be added to your account,” explained Charlie Litwin Wilkes-Barre Area Business Academy

“We were saying that it’s hard to read at night without like using bright lights and stuff, so we were thinking glow-in-the-dark books,” said Lauren Kosek from Butler Middle School.

The top 30 winners receive cash prizes, and the first-place winner is awarded $1000, but win or lose the students are having a great time.

“I enjoy just coming to Bloomsburg for the day, and seeing a whole bunch of other students that are all like trying to make businesses or make products just like we are,” continued Ellie Largey Rock from Butler Middle School.

If you want to get involved, it is open to all Pennsylvania middle and high school students.

For more information check out Bloomsburg Husky Dog Pound.