As travel bans rise, concern spreads about new omicron variant

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EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — The omicron coronavirus variant is spreading around the world even as more countries continue to impose travel restrictions to slow the variant’s spread.

Several countries are slamming their doors shut again to try to keep the new variant at bay. This comes as more cases of the mutant coronavirus emerged and scientists raced to figure out just how dangerous it might be.

The infections showed the near impossibility of keeping the genie in the bottle in a globalized world of travel and open borders.

The world health organization is pushing for an international accord to help prevent and fight future pandemics amid the emergence of omicron.

The question remains, could this mean everyone will need a new dose of the covid-19 vaccine?

“The vaccines that are currently at play do put pressure on the sars-cov2 virus meaning your body does produce an immune response, a protective immunity. Depending on different strains or variants of the virus, the efficacy of the vaccine, meaning how well it works, can do up or it can go down,” says Alison Brodginski, the Northeast Director of Infectious Diseases.

She says omicron appears to spread easier than previous variants, but the symptoms are mild in the cases reported thus far.

For the latest on the new variant from the World Health Organization, head here.

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