NEWFOUNDLAND, WAYNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — It’s fair season in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and one local fair is celebrating more than a century of family, food, and fun.

“This is our 105th year. It started in 1917 with a teacher who wanted to showcase her student’s projects and things. It became what we have today over the years,” says Anne Fox, Greene Dreher Sterling fair director.

The fair has grown to include dozens of small business vendors, rides, and plenty of animals.

“Greene Dreher Sterling are the three surrounding townships. That’s why it’s called the Greene Dreher Sterling Fair because all three townships support the fair. We have a lot of community members that come and work exhibits and do all of those things,” says Fox.

People say this fair holds a special place in their hearts for a few reasons.

“It’s small. The parents can see the kids from anywhere on the fairgrounds. It attracts young kids because they feel safe here,” says Michael Notovny of Mount Carmel.

When asked her favorite part of the fair, Destiny Taylor of Newfoundland responded “The animals and the rides.”

And let’s not forget about the food.

“The food here is exquisite. For a small fair, there is such a big variety, it’s just amazing and it’s good food,” says Novotny.

“You know all the walking tacos, deep-fried Oreos, funnel cakes,” says Fox.

If your mouth isn’t full of food, it may be from the name.

“So it often gets shortened to the GDS fair because it’s kind of hard to spell and pronounce ‘Greene Dreher Sterling,'” says Fox.

The fair opens at 11 am Saturday and Sunday, wrapping up its 105th year Sunday night.