STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Life-sized snowmen have taken over downtown Stroudsburg.

It’s all part of an effort to help local artists and businesses.

Think snowmen, but ones that don’t melt in the sunshine.

That was the idea of the non-profit, GO Collaborative, five years ago and now dozens of life-sized replica snowmen are scattered throughout Stroudsburg every year.

“We have close to over 400,000 on the internet just calling us from Wyoming and calling us from Connecticut, ‘How do we may these,’ ‘what do we do,’ you know,” asked Jim Evanisko the President of GO Collaborative.

Beginning in November and running through February multiple businesses sponsor local artists to create new snowmen and place them in front of their shops.

What started with just 10 sculptures in the first year has expanded to a total of 37.

“It just keeps growing, it just keeps growing. It helps build the economy, it helps bring the houses of worship together, bring the social people together, it’s really done a lot for the town,” says Evanisko.

Anything from desserts to gemstones serves as inspiration for the sculptures. Art that’s meant to open the eyes of visitors.

“So many times we get stuck in our everyday life and this will break you out of that. Come and see what’s here, what’s offered with the art galleries, with the restaurants, with the small businesses. There’s such beauty in downtown and the snowmen just help bring it all together,” explained Judy Henry, the manager of The Potting Shed.

“It’s just a good feeling that the town’s getting closer and tighter together as a community,” Evanisko said

Each year, the community votes for their favorite snowman and the top three artists receive a cash prize. Click here to submit your vote.