Local NAACP Leaders React To Race Scandal

Larry Singleton says Rachel Dolsezal’s  deceit and not her race disturbs him– Singleton is President of the Wilkes-Barre chapter of the NAACP- He told Eyewitness News,  “I think her deceit in that respect is the issue–had we known up front this would not be an issue–it would not be blowing out as it is now–” Singleton added, “We welcome people from all ethnic backgrounds–we had a white woman who was our chapter President–that was not a problem since our mission of achieving racial equality is our priority–” Singleton said, “We must refocus on education–health and police issues that impact people of color and not a scandal that will fade away–” People we spoke with in Wilkes-Barre echoed Singleton’s comments about Dolezal’s dishonesty– Jimmy Williams from Wilkes-Barre said, “She was lying and changing her story–that is what upsets me–”   Anthony Caligiuri from Effort said, ” I mean it just doesn’t seem right She is definitely white and I think she has real issues in her head–“

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