LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A man from Avoca is getting ready to travel to another part of the country to compete in a competition most wouldn’t dare to enter.

Kris Fragale is gearing up to compete for a national title for eating chili peppers.

“Pretty much a little bit of everything, it’s who can eat the most, who can last the longest, who can eat the hottest. It’s a combination of mouth burn and how long your stomach can last.”

It’s a passion that started when he was a child.

“So, when I was a kid, my Opa, my grandfather, would take us to the garden, feed us garlic, onions, and all that and I loved it. I loved every bit of it. I never really had a reaction to garlic. Now, some people eat a whole clove of garlic and they’re like ‘ohhh’ and their face starts going. Not me, ever.” . . . “He used to have a hot sauce in his fridge that was so hot that he used to use it to remove the oil off the driveway. He passed away. I inherited that sauce. At one point I put a toothpick. It was so hot. It lit me up. I couldn’t even do a toothpick.”

But, it sparked an interest. Now he shares his journey on his youtube channel as he prepares for his next competition.

“It’s months and months of preparation. I’ve been prepping for over a month now. I’ve been eating peppers every day at work for snacks, for lunch, at dinner, and after dinner.”

He leaves Friday morning at 5:00 a.m. for Dallas, Texas where he will try some of the hottest peppers in the world.

“They have rounds. You’ll have one pepper, you’ll have two peppers, you’ll have three peppers. You’ll go a speed round, wait two minutes, you won’t wait at all. It bounces around. I know they’ll throw some ringers in there. The ring of fire challenge, the skullfull slammer, the killer queen chug challenge, they throw those in there too to knock people off their game.”

A competition most wouldn’t dare to try, but Fragale says he’s ready to bring home a win. From the Lonestar State all the way to Avoca.

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