SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — It was a rainy day for farmers across the region. Much-needed rain fell Monday soaking crops like sweet corn. But is it enough to help?

Farmers were elated to see the rain Monday as they were selling their hard-earned crops. But that doesn’t mean they are in the clear because it’s been a brutal summer for certain crops.

Customers were dodging rain drops at the co-op farmers’ market in Scranton, Monday.

But that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing for farmers or their customers.

“Everybody was kind of just tolerating the rain because we were all happy that it was here,” Michael Russell, Russell Farms.

Including Scranton resident Jim Wintermantel who stopped by the market for tomatoes and radishes.

“I think it’s great, it’s a long time coming. I think it’s a benefit, especially for the farmers they really need it,” said Jim Wintermantel of Scranton.

Farmers in NEPA have had quite the dry spell this summer, hindering their crops.

“And we’ll come back for corn, corn’s a little late this year, so we’ll come back in the next couple of weeks,” Wintermantel added.

Knee-high by the Fourth of July. Well not quite at Michaels Farm Market in Schickshinny.

“Our corn wasn’t ready until right around the first week of August,” said Gary Wojciechowski, Co-owner of Michael’s Farm Market.

Over at Russell Farms in Bracken, they’re different farms, with the same problems.

“Fruit size is the challenge at this point because of lack of water,” said Michael Russell of Russell Farms.

Many farms are just getting by with the use of irrigation. But not all farmers have an extra water source. which is the case for Gary’s Sweet Corn.

“As you see there’s a lot of small ears in here. But it’s kind of weird this year because at the same token there’s some nice big ones. I’ve never seen it grow like this,” said Wojciechowski.

While he’s thankful for the rain. It’s not enough to be in the clear for later crops this fall.

“This rain really saved the sweet corn I would say and maybe the pumpkins I’m really not sure yet,” Wojciechowski added.

Now, not all farmers walked away happy on Monday because they all didn’t receive the same amount of rainfall. If any. But they remain hopeful.