Digital Exclusive: Local clothing stores selling workwear see increase in sales amid slump


LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) —Many local clothing stores were relieved when they re-opened in the yellow and green phases. Owners say the time spent closed was horrible.

“Doors were shut, locked. Shipments couldn’t come in, orders couldn’t be made. It was absolutely terrible,” Eric Kuhn, owner of the Haberdashery and Luxe in Forty Fort.

Now, Kuhn says, retail stores are surviving, but are not thriving.

“It’s slowly picking up, a lot of people are getting a little more comfortable coming out. But numbers are still down substantially.”

Yuki Spencer owns Yuki’s in Kingston. She says she’s also seen a difference in customer count. She says the spring and summer months normally busy.

“They have a graduation party or wedding and so many events for that spring and summer. But a lot of events are canceled. So they don’t need anything special for that event. So that made a big difference for me,” Spencer said.

Spencer says her profits decreased by 50 percent in May and June. But why are less people shopping for clothes?

“I think people are still scared of coming. I do everything I can, I clean every day multiple times a day, I have Lysol aerosol cans, I steam the clothes after anyone tries it on. But I think people are in a constant state of shock and fear right now,” Kuhn said.

While daily wear retail has seen a decrease in customers, work ware stores have seen the opposite.

“One everyone was getting stimulus money. Two, they were out of work for so long and they needed work clothes. So they need to get quality product and new product too,” James Yozbiak, manager at Keefer’s Army and Navy, said.

The problem now lies with supply and demand, as more people are shopping at Keefer’s Army and Navy.

” Our products though, we do offer American made products, but some of these warehouses that we’re getting our product from, we’re getting it over seas and just turnaround time right now is just not good.”

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