WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A local church is celebrating 125 years. It’s undergone many changes throughout the decades, but the mission has always remained the same.

Churchgoers looked back on their memories of the church, and forward to their hopes for its future.

Saint Luke Evangelical Lutheran Church in Williamsport, dedicated their Sunday service to celebrating their 125 anniversary.

“It’s been a great day, it’s been a great turnout, it’s been great to see some folks. We had some folks travel to some to church today. A couple of folks that I spoke to came up to me afterwards and said we’re former members, but we wanted to be a part of this celebration, so it’s just really been great,” said Pastor Jeff Lecrone of the Saint Luke Evangelical Lutheran Church.

The church was decorated with pictures from across the decades and members enjoyed lunch after service.

They also shared stories about the church’s history, including when it was founded in 1897.

“The church got started with 13 people and it was actually on the corner Elmira street and Brandon Ave,” Pastor Lecrone continued.

They moved to their location on market street in the 1960’s. One member, who joined nearly 50 years ago says the church works hard to support the community.

“We have a strong outreach committee. We do a lot of gift-giving locally as well. To the shepherd of the streets and to other churches,” church member Oscar Knade commented.

Others enjoy the church’s resources and activates for kids.

“It’s just a really nice place. It’s a big church, really big and it has really good preschool service,” church member Mac Harris stated.

St. Luke’s transformed over the years and uses technology to reach more churchgoers, but their mission remains the same.

“The kind of people who are members here and are committed to not only one another, but to Christ’s work here on earth, are the kind of people that keep an organization going forward and we’re able to adjust to the changing times,” church member Jim Donnell explained.