WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A local retired teacher and now author stopped at Barnes and Noble for a book signing as his work showcases his twisted and unique stories.

John Holmes has retired from his days of educating young minds and has turned to entertain them instead.

Once a beloved teacher at the former Bishop Hoban High School, Holmes now finds joy in bringing readers chilling tales that are not for the faint of heart.

Some stories take place in small towns that were inspired by Wilkes-Barre itself.

“It’s always best I think to write about things that you sort of know a little bit about. I know very little about murder, thank goodness, but I do know something about Wilkes-Barre,” said Holmes.

The local author comes as an inspiration to many, before and after his written success.

“John was a former teacher of mine at Bishop Hoban and we became colleagues together and probably it’s John who, why I’m an English teacher today,” said Kathy Kaiser of Plains.

It was a day to celebrate Holmes’ personal and professional achievements and those that are still to come.

Friends and colleagues alike came out to support Holmes and he even picked up a few fans along the way.

Shoppers found themselves motivated by the former teacher.

“It’s great, especially for younger artists that are trying to achieve the same goals. It just kind of gives us hope that we can do it too,” Wilkes-Barre resident Kelly Roth said.

Holmes, who wrote all of his books on his iPhone, says he is proud to be able to share his accomplishments with the city that wrote his life story.

“It means a great deal, it probably won’t sink in for at least another two weeks but this is kind of big stuff for me,” Holmes said.

Holmes’ books can be found at Barnes and Noble or on Amazon.