WBRE/WYOU-TV)  Being part of a little league world series team is like Christmas day.

   One of the teams getting a lot of fan support–   the Southeast Region Champions, the Loudon South Little League Team From South Riding, Virginia.

    The team’s coach says the Little League Store has sold out of southeast gear.

   And he adds– being in the series is pretty amazing for the players and the coaches alike.

“This is probably you know, as a player and a coach I’ve been through a few games. This is probably the biggest game of my life. And so it’s a lot to be said for these eleven and twelve-year-olds, ” said Brian Triplett, Coach of the Southeast Region Champions.

   The team will play the west region champions, the Central East Maui Little League Team on Wednesday.

 The west region champions won the 2018 title.

  The series wraps up on Sunday