LEWISBURG, UNION COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — An annual event in Union County celebrates the work of local artists. Their work goes on display for a week for the community to enjoy.

Lewisburg welcomed back their annual ‘Stroll through the Arts’ event.

It’s organized by the Lewisburg Arts Council and allows local artists to display their work to the community.

Sylvia Denger says it’s a great way to celebrate the arts.

“I love it when people can walk by and look at the different artists and we’re under no pressure at all and show what we have and share why we do things the way, we do them,” said Sylvia Denger, a Watercolor Artist.

Several shops downtown have paintings and other works on display all week. Some artists created massive pieces of art, like the mural seen here at the piers art park.

Denger says she’s been painting for about 12 years and enjoys bringing her visions to life.

“I think each artist brings a part of themselves to their art. Most of it’s very meaningful, they may be painting from their trips or their families or some of the town,” Denger added.

Denger uses watercolors to paint and this year she focused on trees and nature.

“I’m painting now on teabags which is a little bit different and it’s kind of fun to do,” Denger continued.

Denger believes everyone can find beauty in art and encourages others to showcase their creativity.

“It’s never too late to try something new,” Denger continued.

Businesses will have the artwork on display through Saturday, October 22.