EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU)— A few moms in the state legislature are pushing a bill focused on post-partum depression.

One of those lawmakers is sharing her very personal story to highlight the need.

As Mother’s Day approaches, a lawmaker from southeastern Pennsylvania is using her own example to call for change concerning postpartum depression a condition that affects up to one in five women.

This will be state representative Jennifer O’Mara’s first Mother’s Day after giving birth to a daughter last July.

She and her husband struggled to conceive and then she and the baby both experienced medical complications at birth.

Calling the experience “a lot of trauma”, the lawmaker from Delaware County struggled emotionally for months.

Her husband and friends urged her to get help, which she did.

Now, she wants to protect other moms. She signed on to a bill that would require postpartum education before birth, and then screening for it afterward.

“Since January, I have been in regular counseling for postpartum depression,” said Rep. Jennifer O’Mara from the 165th District Delaware County.

“I think that pre-delivery is so important because it will help you and your family know what signs too,” added O’Mara.

Representative O’Mara and her daughter Katherine are now doing well.

Lawmakers sharing personal stories has been effective in the recent past.

Former State Senator Mike Folmer pushed medical marijuana legislation after battling cancer.

Same for State Senator Kim Ward and breast cancer screening.

Representative O’Mara is one of 24 co-sponsors of ‘House Bill 10-75.’

It’s now in the hands of the “House Health Committee”, pending review.