SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Lackawanna County Commissioner Debi Domenick is being taken to court by the District Attorney (D.A.).

The D.A. says Domenick gained access to e-mails she was not permitted to see. Lackawanna County D.A. Mark Powell filed a civil motion that says.. Commissioner Domenick ordered the Director of the county’s I.T. Department to retrieve all emails from the warden of the Lackawanna County Prison, regarding an investigation into the alleged wrong-doing of an employee.

The paperwork reads that Domenick retrieved approximately 500 emails, some confidential, on the investigation. Powell’s motion says this is against county policy. It also says Domenick asserts that she has the authority to access all emails in the county’s server, even those involving county judges.

The District Attorney says in the civil motion quote:

“The actions of Commissioner Domenick will have grave consequences if confidential information of ongoing criminal investigations is accessed by anyone other than those involved in investigating those incidents.”

Domenick’s court date is set for August 16.